To provide exceptional leadership and management training to entrepreneurs through real-world business experiences. For our customers who have shown belief in our entrepreneurs: To deliver a service that will be recommended to others. For the people who are, and will always be, part of our story: To embrace challenge, innovate and excel.


Together, realizing potentials


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About Us

College Pro develops entrepreneurs through our system of franchises. In our applied business skills training program, they learn how to run their own franchise business, make and manage money, and gain the competitive advantage they will need to stand out in the work world for future success in any career they choose.

We want to make sure that, as a parent, you understand what is involved if your son or daughter joins College Pro. College Pro General Managers will often have lengthy and direct discussions with parents to ensure their son or daughter can handle the responsibilities of the job. We encourage an open dialogue at all times and are always available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns.

Whether you choose to be active or remain more in the background, you are part of the team. We’ve learned that as parents become involved, the experience for our entrepreneurs becomes even more useful, valuable, and successful.

Our CEO, Tony Valle, speaks with some College Pro parents:

Why should I entrust my son or daughter to College Pro?

College Pro has a proven model of entrepreneurship training going back to 1971, and we have continuously evolved and improved our program through the generations. We have worked with more than 100,000 students and new entrepreneurs in the last 40 years, and over that time we’ve recognized how your goals align with ours: You want your son or daughter to get the skills and experience they’ll need to become self-sufficient. We want to be the catalyst for that success by providing the opportunity for them to learn and run a real business. It is our long-standing belief at College Pro that real experiences enhance overall success.

If This Sounds Too Good To Be True, Is It?

This is often the first thing we hear from parents when they learn that their son or daughter is exploring the opportunity of running a College Pro house painting or window cleaning franchise. Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. College Pro wants to ground you, and your son or daughter, in the reality of the excitement and challenges of running their own business. It is not for everyone. However, if it is a good fit, it’s a tremendous and unparalleled experience that will provide real, tangible benefits for years to come.

We assume that managers do not know much about running a business, and we train them on all aspects, including, but not limited to:

• What it means to be the leader and boss
• How to build and execute a marketing plan
• How to manage their financials
• How to sell their services to homeowners
• How to select and hire employees
• How to work with, influence and communicate with all types of customers
• How to effectively manage their projects and time
• How to be flexible and look for solutions to solve problems

The most important thing aspect of our training is that of safety. We take safety very seriously and have been leaders in creating new, better safety standards and training programs for our managers and their painters and window cleaning technicians. Our safety training programs have been designed specifically to meet the safety needs and regulations that are part of our industry, and we reinforce this learning through practical, on-the-job examples.

The Reality of Risk

It is a real business, the operations and training systems are proven, and we are proud to say that a high percentage of our franchisees make money. While it is our objective that everyone earns a profit and achieves their goals, some do not. This is what happens in business. As an organization, we try to learn from each experience we have and make our system better each year.

Full Disclosure

All agreements and expectations are fully disclosed and candidates have significant time before they are required to sign the agreement and begin their training program. We strongly encourage you to meet with one of our General Managers, Vice Presidents, and/or parents of past franchisees to gain a fuller perspective on College Pro. We believe in transparency and an “eyes wide open” approach for parents and franchisee candidates alike.


Safety is a top priority at College Pro. We instruct all team members extensively on the importance of on-the-job safety. Our safety program has been designed specifically to meet the regulations of our industry, and we reinforce this learning through practical, on-the-job examples. All franchisees review safety in the classroom and conduct safety practices in the field.

learn more about our safety program

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College Pro Curriculum

We run one of the best “schools” in the world. Our “campus” is a real business, our curriculum mirrors the top business schools – but it’s not just theory. The difference is that our entrepreneurs apply what they learn to a real life, real time experience.


The College Pro curriculum is broken into 2 sections, which work in conjunction with each other:

Leadership Skills and Experience:
Highly desirable and sought after skills to complement your son or daughter’s academic experience.

Technical Skills and Experience: Practical, traditional business skills that will differentiate your son or daughter from their peers.

Our training begins in the classroom where we introduce the theory, and some practical examples, through various training sessions that occur mostly on the weekends in the winter months. We believe for the skills we train to really sink in, it requires a personal touch, some real experience, and continual follow-up. Once the skills have been introduced, they are later instilled in numerous in-field coaching events. Initially, skills such as sales, marketing, and interviewing are demonstrated, and, later, your son or daughter is observed doing the skill, and given professional feedback.

Your son or daughter will work closely with their College Pro business coach who has successfully run the very same business and has been trained and certified as a professional coach. Together, they will speak weekly in a set, structured and professional phone call or video call to review the previous week’s results, review factors that drove and restrained success, and chart a new course and solidify tangible business goals for the current week. This weekly event focuses on accountability and building smart future plans.

In over 40 years of successfully leading thousands of sons and daughters through their first business experience, we are very confident in the process by which we systematically train, mentor and support them to succeed. Our training program has long been called a “Real World MBA” program, and is the core of our fundamental belief that Entrepreneurs Start Here.

Below is an example of a traditional business school curriculum:
• Marketing
• Leadership and Organizational Behavior
• Entrepreneurship
• Business, Government, and International Economics
• Technology and Operations
• Strategy
• Financial Reporting and Control (Accounting)
• Finance

Here’s how our curriculum aligns:

Program or Skill AreaClassroom/TheoryPractical skill & experience acquiredTangible life & work experience: Future employability & value to entrepreneur
(The entrepreneur will:)
Selling Products and Services
- effective listening, needs analysis and matching benefits to the needs of the customer
The General Manager (GM) coaches the entrepreneur in every aspect of sales until they are competent.
The entrepreneurs then repeatedly price and close sales.
- have demonstrated initiative, and will have an easily demonstrated and proven sales track record

- understand and be able to use sales process of listening , needs analysis, matching benefits to needs, asking for the order, and objection handling, which is immediately applicable in many careers
- the fundamentals of coaching, feedback and performance management
The GM coaches the entrepreneur in real situations to ensure he/she understands the fundamentals of coaching.

The entrepreneur coaches employees and team daily to effectively increase performance.
- have  skill and experience leading individuals and teams

- have professional coaching skill and experience and will be able to adapt and change quickly to new situations and help others accelerate performance

- have demonstrated the ability to accept and give effective feedback to improve performance
Problem Solving - the fundamentals of problem solving, including root cause analysis, option generation, and effective decision making
Through weekly coaching and real problem solving experience, the entrepreneur is able to make business decisions with a higher probability of success.
- be able to make decisions that have a higher probability of success

- possess tangible problem solving skills  to manage change and adapt to new problems quickly, and will increase the success rate of solving new problems

- be able to, when using a disciplined process, create new solutions to old problems
Effective Conflict - the theory of effective listening, gaining perspective, diffusing emotions, and, ultimately resolving conflicts effectively
GMs work with the entrepreneur through one on one coaching, weekly and as needed until they are competent.

The entrepreneur will gain the skills and abilities for constructive conflict resolution, which forms the basis of successful relations with customers, employees and supervisors.
    - be able competently lead an individual and team through conflicts and challenges and be better able to navigate issues to achieve business and personal goals

    - be highly effective at resolving conflicts quickly to accelerate his/her own performance and the performance of any team
Priority Management and Goal Setting - on how to create a smart, long term goal, and how to plan effectively to hit that goal, choosing among priorities that have impact and urgency to move the business ahead
The entrepreneur will gain the ability to choose among competing priorities to achieve a critical goal.

The entrepreneur will also gain the ability to create and adapt a plan when new information is available.  
- be able to demonstrate a proven approach to setting and achieving high impact goals, and choosing between priorities, in almost any situation

- be a self-starter and able to create their own path to goals, allowing quick integration into new tasks, responsibilities, jobs and/or start-ups
Operations and Financial Management - how to set a plan to complete work in a timely fashion

- how to execute a financial plan with multiple variables

- how to work with suppliers and workers to increase productivity
The entrepreneur will gain the ability to create and execute all aspects of a profitable plan, while also managing cash flow.
- gain significant experience in financial planning, working with your bank, and working with suppliers

- know how to create a financial plan that results in a profit and positive cash flow

- gain skill in financial forecasting
Human Resources, Employee Management and Organizational Behavior - the theory and practice of identifying talent, and strategies to attract talented employees

- the skill of interviewing and selecting top talent
The entrepreneur will develop skills and experience in marketing jobs, interviewing, selection, and compensation for employees. - have the ability to identify, interview, select, and eventually lead, talented employees and teams, including letting poor performers go

- gain experience in all aspects of human and employee management of a small business

- gain HR planning experience
Overall Business Strategy, Business Planning, and Scheduling - market analysis, and building a marketing plan, sales, human resources and operations planning
The entrepreneur will be coached weekly, and periodically in the field, to follow-up and adapt the strategy and plan as needed.

The entrepreneur will gain experience in all aspects of small business planning and management.
    - gain skill in developing business plans and a vision for a small business

    - gain skill in executing a strategy and business plan through annual and weekly planning and scheduling

    - develop and manage marketing plans, local social media, direct response programs and gain skill in marketing resources allocation

    - gain skills and knowledge about the franchising industry and small business management

Running a business is hard work. We firmly believe that real life is the most powerful teacher, and actual experience cannot be trained. We have been in the business of providing exceptional leadership and management training to entrepreneurs through real-world business experiences for over 40 years. We are aware that real life can sometimes mean real risk, and we work very hard to minimize that risk by supporting our entrepreneurs every step of the way. As a College Pro entrepreneur, your son or daughter will learn and use real leadership and business skills today that will help them stand out from their peers when they interview for their next job.

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Future Employability

We want to make sure that, as a parent, you understand what is involved if your son or daughter joins College Pro. College Pro General Managers will often have lengthy and direct discussions with parents to ensure their son or daughter can handle the responsibilities of the job. We encourage an open dialogue at all times and are always available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns.

Whether you choose to be active or remain more in the background, you are part of the team. We’ve learned that as parents become involved, the experience for our entrepreneurs becomes even more useful, valuable, and successful.

Your son or daughter will face many challenges in life, and right now that includes one of the toughest job markets in decades. What can they do to maximize their experience, education, and skills to ensure their best possible future? While classroom education is definitely important, employers also seek specific skills that allow even new employees to contribute from day one. When our entrepreneurs complete our program, we guarantee they will be better at:

• Teamwork
• Problem solving
• Communication
• Leadership
• Analytical ability

Employers also want to hire people who have a strong work ethic, take initiative, and have demonstrated their ability to adapt to changing situations. College Pro offers the opportunity to learn and hone these attributes. Like you, we want to help them succeed by providing a competitive advantage in today’s job market. We train our entrepreneurs to use their College Pro experience to:

• Grow their network of potential opportunities
• Make their resume highly attractive to employers
• Get their interviews of choice and perform well in them

For our entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the future, they can also learn how to use their real business experience to get financing for their venture.

Here’s what some employers are saying about job candidates:

Source: The CACEE Campus Recruitment and Benchmarking Survey Report 2012

Copyright © College Pro, 2013

Copyright © College Pro, 2013

What Other Parents Say!

“What more does a parent want than to have their son or daughter take responsibility, learn to set goals and be accountable? All of the skills my boys have acquired are completely transferable to any avocation as well as most life experiences. The ability to communicate, organize, overcome obstacles, and problem solve; the ability to be flexible when things don’t go as planned; to look for and find solutions; to learn how to make decisions; multi-tasking, organization, hiring, training, marketing, selling, managing and leading people, and most of all persistence, determination, and a good attitude. I couldn’t be any more thankful.”

Mr. Yudes - Parent of two College Pro franchisees

“Our first reaction was concern that he might be getting into something over his head. However, he was so excited and determined to give this a try. Was there risk? Yes! Was it hard? Yes! Was it worth it? Yes!!! Matt is well on his way to becoming a successful businessman. Your son or daughter can, too. There are a lot of college graduates unemployed and disillusioned these days – the people who get hired are people who have experience actually doing something.”

The Ackermans - Parents of a College Pro franchisee

Our son Matt came home for a visit from college when he was a sophomore at UNC and informed us that he was going to pursue an opportunity with a franchise company known as College Pro Painters. Our first reaction was doubt and concern that he might be getting into something over his head. However, he was so excited and determined that he wanted to give this a try.

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I’m writing this letter to share my experience as the parent of two current College Pro (CP) franchisees. (Sam will be going in to his fourth summer and Ben is beginning his second year). My objectives in writing this letter are to give you my first hand perspective on our experience and to share with you some of the concerns I had with CP.

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Our son Scott had been working his way through school selling shoes at Sears for spending money. He had almost completed his junior year of college with a business & marketing major when he came to his mother and me to ask us about an opportunity to work for College Pro as a franchisee. At first we were quite skeptical.

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Our Selection Process

We have had a proven track record of success for over 40 years, but only by choosing the right people. We are extremely selective because our goal is for our entrepreneurs to succeed, and we know, frankly, that most people are not cut out for this. In fact, we select less than 2% of the more than 25,000 candidates who apply each year.

What’s more important than academic or work background is the raw material of our ideal candidate. Does this sound like your son or daughter?

• Independently ambitious and driven – willing to stand on their own two feet and get through tough times to achieve important goals
• They can connect and communicate comfortably with others
• Values-driven – they have a good value system and believe in doing the right thing
• Tenacious – they finish what they start
• Goal oriented – they set and meet goals
• Precise on important things – but not everything
• A leader – they like to be in the driver’s seat

If your son or daughter applies, they will go through a rigorous series of interviews, reference checks, and testing, and must then be approved by both a College Pro General Manager and Vice President. We need to know that the candidates who are offered a franchise business fully understand and accept the commitment they will be making to themselves, to College Pro, and to their futures.

If they get through this fun quiz, we should talk!

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Copyright © College Pro, 2013